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(for illustration only. Please refer to your cinderella hair extensions human hair color ring for accuracy.)


30” wide Continuous row of 100% Human Remy Hair

No sewing, glue or braiding

Attach with silicone I-Links

Ultra fast application



1 30” width hair veil per package (20” long)

Create length and volume in under one hour follow these steps:


Step 1: Sectioning

Four sections with a 1” perimeter around the entire hairline giving your client the opportunity to wear their hair up and the sides will not be visible.

image image

Step 2: Measuring

Starting at the nape of the neck and depending on the hair density/thickness the first section should be at least ½” to 1” from the 1” perimeter you created. Using the Cinderella Hair Veil (holes facing you) as a guide, measure the nape area and mark this section with a pen and cut the polyurethane base between a set of holes.


Step 3: Application

Open the flap of the Cinderella Hair Veil with the holes on the bottom and secure in place with Anti Slip Clips. Keep the seam of the Hair Veil exactly on the parting.


Starting in the middle of the Hair Veil, pull approximately the same amount of hair as the size of the hole through a set of holes and secure with Silicone I-Link.


Continue this method alternating from right to left making sure the Hair Veil remains tight, straight and close to the parting.


At each end take some hair from the side and incorporate this into the last I-Link.


When complete “fold over” the Hair Veil to cover the I-Links. Continue to next section.


Step 4: Spacing

Working your way up the head, your next application should be about 1” above your last Hair Veil. Repeat Step 3 until three applications are completed.


If you have any remaining Hair Veils you can attach them to each side.

Unique fold over flap covers I-Links with another layer of hair

Since 1994 Cinderella Hair Extensions® continues to be a leader in offering salons and stylists worldwide unique and innovative professional hair extension services. Our Hair Your Way® is the benchmark of our Company and we will continue to bring you unique and innovative products. In keeping with this philosophy our Cinderella Hair Veil will prove to be an alternative to the traditional hair weft.

  • Each Cinderella Hair Veil is made of 100% Human Remy Hair which naturally looks and feels like your own hair. No worries about matting and/or tangling because the hair cuticle is intact and facing the same direction giving you worry-free hair.
  • The Cinderella Hair Veil is secured to a very thin 30” wide polyurethane base giving you the flexibility to customize sizing from the nape up to the crown of the head.
  • Attaching the Cinderella Hair Veil couldn’t be any easier. Without the use of heat, glue, sewing or braiding you would use Silicone I-Links to attach the Cinderella Hair Veil and fold over the top layer of hair to cover the I-Links. Your hair will look, feel and move naturally!
  • We created the Cinderella Hair Veil to be reusable which saves time and money. The reapplication is done by removing the existing I-links, readjusting the Veil and attaching new Silicone I-Links.
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